Bell Escape

Therefore, expect that the ventura and the happiness give it us the year starting, I It seems something so vacant as go to look for a job to the INEM. I don’t know why that craving you go a year and get another. It seems as if we would like to escape. But escape from what? of ourselves? Finally, after, behind every dusk, always will shine a sunrise glow. The time is there. Or better said, we are at the time. He does not pass by us. We who pass by him and in him leave trace of our works.

When our last sheet of the calendar falls, what remains in the memories of others, is not our image. So if what would be left? The from when we were kids? Of our adolescence? Of maturity? Or does the decrepitude of the elderly? No, is not a specific image. Groove of our passage through this world, with the imprint is of what we did and up than not did. When we look for the first time to the labyrinth of life and enter into what we call time, full of energy, projects and illusions that we still ignore, we of works to be performed. We began sowing for a harvest that we leave the germ at every stage, at every time and in which each station we will taking without realizing, until which of us is not more than our past Groove. A past that we are incapable of change. But yes we are masters of our future. Life is a back and forth between memory and hope.

When the twelve Bell strokes, we should not expect anything from them; Let us be us that let’s go to his encounter with courage and based on the experience of the past that we leave behind, with our decisive participation, make tomorrow a dawn of promising hope for all. Let us learn the lesson: If the future us anguish and past us stringing, let us not allow the present to escape us. Anyway and still falling into my own contradiction, happy new year to all. Cesar Alonso Valdeolmillos original author and source of the article