BBDO In Spain

BBDO in Spain Time The advertising agency was founded in Barcelona in 1960 by Leopoldo Rod s and Jose Carlos Iriarte. A year Leopoldo Pomes joined as creative director and shareholder. Then he opened liaison offices in Bilbao and Madrid and then the latter becomes a full service company. BBDO in 1976 responded to offer Time / Synergie and founded the new company, Tiempo BBDO, with offices in Barcelona and Madrid in March 1980 won his first major client: Seat. In April of that same year he created the BBDO Holding Spain, chaired by Xavier Oliver. Jordi Vilajoana was appointed general manager’s office Time in Barcelona, while Richard Buceta continued as director of Madrid. Tiempo BBDO in 1983 became the second agency in the country in revenues. Clients he has worked for BBDO Time: Bayer, Agfa, Matutano (Frito Lay), Pepsi, Henkel, Renault, Gillette, Port Aventura, Natural Gas, Retevisi n, Marcilla, The Milkmaid, Litoral, Solis, Sony, Telef nica, Panasonic.

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