Banking Sector

The new scene of international the banking sector 14 August 2009 the banking sector at international level is elaborating its strategy after the crisis. The fall of organizations of world-wide prestige has not only left a hollow that to occupy, but has left to an antecedent and a spot against which, the surviving organizations will have to fight. The crisis has changed the strategy of the banking organizations anywhere in the world. It has marked before and after it is positive for some and a negative one to them for others. And while a group of organizations takes advantage of the crisis to grow at global level, others will have to work to reduce the brought about vulnerability.

My first impression, is that the organizations with certain degree of involvement in the crisis, from now on in will more look for to follow a strategy to take care of their good reputation to put together the confidence of the public towards them, whereas for those organizations with international operations (or that they try to expand internationally), that has managed to stay to the margin, they are before a unique possibility of growth and of increase of its participation of market that wants to be useful. The movements in the banking system are not only taking place in the developed economies, main affected suppresses by it, but also in the rest of the economies product of this reframing in the global strategy of the financial organizations. According to an article of the Nation in the own financial sector one is clear that, after the international crisis, many of the great foreign groups would be looking for to reduce their presence in countries that are not central for their business or where the risks of the operation are a little more elevated. The present context, with the coming of the economic recovery that comes from the hand of a greater availability of resources in the markets, has decided to several organizations, to carry out this strategy of reduction of the risky operations, that probably has been decided time back but that it did not turn out advisable to make specific by the lack of supplies adapted in the market and not to generate negative signals on the health of these organizations..