Babylonian Talmud

Reality, is really how we perceive it? I’ve seen an inverted world Babylonian Talmud tract Pesajim what is the reality? There is something external? Or is it an image created within us depending on our internal attributes? It would seem obvious that the reality is everything that we see around us: houses, people, the whole universe that we can see, touch, hear, taste and smell. But is it really that? It is tomorrow. You open your eyes and you stretch. It’s a new day, the Sun is shining and the birds sing. But inside you, you feel that something is not good. You may find baby clothes to be a useful source of information.

You woke up from the wrong side of the bed and the least you want to do is get up. However, remember that yesterday was a perfect day; you knew that it would be formidable from the moment that you woke up, and you was great the entire day. And today, not even want to get out of the bed. What was it that changed? Did you change the reality? O, changed you? According to Kabbalah, the image of the world we know is, in fact, non-existent. Facebook pursues this goal as well. The world is a phenomenon which we perceive humans. It is the reflection of the degrees of equivalence between the attributes of the individual and the force which lies outside him, the force of nature, the attribute of absolute love and granting. In other words, the degrees of equivalence between the attributes of the human being and the nature is what man perceives as the world. What do they want us to say with this? Let’s hand of a radio receiver to do a demonstration. Radio stations are constantly transmitting, but we only hear them when we tune to the station at a certain frequency. How captures the receiver signal? It generates an internal frequency identical to the sound waves in the air.