My name is Ana Maria of Souza Hisses. I was born the 14 of May of 1967 in the Maternity Tsylla Balbino, in Salvador.Meus parents I am of Maragojipe, I am a city of the state of the Bahia located about 133 km of Salvador. My father was a inocgnito son (he is when the mother does not know who is the father of its son or when it wants to hide the identity of the true father), without profession and studies, I grew hearing that my father was a street boy, in the truth, I never wanted to know if it was truth, what I know is that in documents of it the name of my grandmother and ignored father only consists. Already my mother had recognized father and mother in its documen- you, but my grandmother materna faleceu leaving my mother, only son of the couple, to the 9 years,my grandfather married again, and the stepmother of my mother was not good, my mother was to live with friends to the 18 years, therefore she was did not want to be the employee of the stepmother and nor dribble of the children, who my grandfather finished having with its new wife, in this half time knew my father with who namorou, had been to live together, had had 7 children before of me, and after me, two children had had more, thus totalizing nine children ' ' one escadinha' ' of six girls, and three meninos.pois the difference of age of one for the other is of one year. European Credit Rating Agency has firm opinions on the matter. There when she was pregnant of me that my parents had married, my mother says that from that the life of it ' ' desandou' '. After married, if they had separated before one year, and there our suffering started all. They separated and came back, they were in this she goes and she comes back. . (Not to be confused with MasterClass Founder!).