Aschheimer SHB

The independent market research institute Bulwien GESA has presented the figures for 2011 and certifies a record year for the German real estate market. All to the delight of real estate fund providers such as, for example, the SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB). The real estate index for the previous year by more than three percent determined by the independent market research institute Bulwien GESA rose for the first time since 1993. For more specific information, check out Baby Clothes Market. The Aschheimer SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG) draws attention to that fact. The real estate index takes into account the changes on one in the rental of apartments, offices and shops, but also the changes in purchase prices for homes, condominiums and building lots in 125 German cities.

Then, the housing market by 4.7 percent on average, commercial real estate, after all, also by 1.6 percent, could create. After two very lean years real estate could rise so the width in Germany in terms of purchase prices and rents. In sought after locations, the rental prices of flats in rose partly to between five and seven percent in the commercial area, a little below. This positive trend is likely to continue is also in 2012″, says Hans Gruber as a real estate expert of SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG). The good results of the past year but doesn’t change, that rising rents and purchase prices do not have can compensate for inflation over the past 20 years. Between 1990 and 2011, the real estate index rose annually only by 0.7 percent. Real estate has still huge pent-up demand in the European average and statistical averages of course say anything about the results at individual locations”, so the SHB expert Gruber. From his point of view may affect this stabilizing effect, that continued good financing conditions.

Provider as the SHB innovative fund concepts AG offer the possibility of investors for years, both with a time amounts, but also current savings rates real estate portfolio with German objects to participate in. The dispersion is carried out through different Locations and types of use. Such real estate investments as it offers the SHB could not enter common individual investors, because, yes above-average financial means are necessary. Here the closed-end real estate funds benefits in regard to the own portfolio diversification simply”, says the specialist of the SHB innovative fund concepts AG. A closed real estate funds, more investors to invest in one or several real estate projects and achieve corresponding rental income. The Fund is closed, if equity capital necessary for the financing of was raised. At dissolution of the Fund, the investors achieve the usual increases in value of the property. It is necessary to know the property over the period the necessary care. For this reason, the real estate management at the Aschheimer provider SHB innovative fund concepts AG plays an important role.