Animal Care

By | August 15, 2017

On the other hand, sterilize a puppy two or three months it seems cruel and unnecessary addition to unnatural and radical, sterilization in this country is great and I'm the first to recommend it to everyone, but always or young adult dogs no puppies. I think the animal protection law to be made between all must be done by listening to everyone not only to a single collective assumption that is the only prepocupado for the sake of our animals, and that once the laws be directed to protecting the welfare and dignity of all animals. in my opinion, I think there are many contradictions in the law of animal protection catalunya, there are important gaps and is not one hundred percent ensures the welfare of animals, an example would be the largest animal compounds where no case is respected dignity and the vital needs of a dog as a living and as a herd animal, the dog and the wolf is a herd animal and consider cruel to keep a dog in a cage separated from his conjeneres throughout his life, so I difficult to understand because there is no law regulating the number of animals that can have and the number of litters. I also wish there was a stricter control on this type of dog farms and to ensure the hygiene and health of these animals because they can not guarantee happiness. Nor even understand why dogs are still sold in stores, which is the difference between them was in the window and keep them inside? for me very little, have a pet in an urn should be strictly forbidden for many reasons, including the health of puppies and compulsive shopping. .

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