Ander Behring Breivick

Stoltenberg had planned in advance to visit this island, only in very different circumstances: participate in the camp of the youth wing of the party, among young people aged between 14 and 17. Havoc in Oslo the massacre was an attack to the paradise of my youth, now turned into a hell, added the politician, in allusion to his visits to this place in their younger years, as Assistant to the camp. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Oracle . The attack on the island occurred two hours after the capital, when Norwegian media images of scenes of chaos in Oslo, are happening with injured people laid on sidewalks and citizens bloodied between ambulances and medical equipment. The powerful detonation had caused serious damage at four government buildings and other neighbouring buildings, and police came to evacuate the central station railway, shopping centers and newsrooms of the country’s main media. After skipping the news of the shooting, reports of both attacks are overlapped for hours. If all the attention initially focused on the capital, which came images of destroyed buildings and injured citizens, as the hours progressed moved to the island, where finally confirmed the killing of dimensions catastrophic s that has shaken throughout Norway. The author of the worst slaughter experienced by Norway already has a dnsor lawyer, but his interrogation is proving difficult, as he has been the spokesman for the police in Oslo at a press conference.

Police spokesman told the media that Ander Behring Breivick did not want to say whether he acted alone. He has said that the alleged murderer left their weapons on the ground when it was going to be arrested for what they did not have to disparle. The police has also questioned the relatives of the detainee without being able to find out, for the moment, what are the motivations of the terrible double bombing which has suffered from the Norwegian society. Source of the news: Norway lives stunned a national tragedy after the double bombing which has claimed 92 lives