Anabolic Diet

The anabolic diet is a ketogenic diet and very popular especially in the areas of sport and fitness. The anabolic diet is a diet, whose objective is the drastic reduction of body fat, with simultaneous increase of muscle mass. The anabolic diet is extremely interesting in particular for bodybuilders therefore for athletes. The main feature of the anabolic diet is almost total abandonment of carbohydrates. At the same time mainly high fat and protein-rich food is eaten as food during the diet.

The body should no longer relate the required energy from carbohydrates, but from already stored body fat. As soon as the body, new system of power generation applies this for him, this condition is called Ketogenesis. This, developed by the Canadian sports doctor Mauro Di Pasquale diet, is based on the well-known Atkins diet. His original goal was to demonstrate a way Canadian bodybuilders, massive Fat loss to operate without relying on steroids. The anabolic diet is called often ketogenic diet or low carb diet. For athletes and bodybuilders will be divided for the anabolic diet in two different phases. For one, there is the unwind phase and on the other hand the loading phase.

The first phase (unwind phase) is equivalent to the original idea of the anabolic diet, how they apply not only athletes. Both phases are continuously applied in the Exchange. In the first phase, it is the goal of an athlete’s to take as little carbohydrates or best even no carbohydrates. Foods such as pasta, rice, bread or sugar should be avoided. Overall, the daily amount of carbohydrate should be not more than 50 g. Instead of fat and protein-rich food such as meat, eggs, fish and cheese should be used as a diet alternative. The relationship between proteins and fats should be 30% to 70%. The goal of this first phase is the insulin to lower, since they are responsible for the Metabolism of carbohydrates is.