Ammonium Chloride

It is very good when we buy a new toy, we introduce the stack in it and it starts to function Until one hour, it stops. what we must make with the stacks that already are ' ' gastas' '? The stacks, although small, when discarded inadequately they represent a great risk to the environment. In the interior of the stacks substances are contained that if in contact with the ground, can become it infertile, and if in contact with the water it can become it improper for consumption. In the nature, annually, they are discarded millions of stacks, stacks these that contain harmful substances to the nature as: Manganese mercury, Cadmium, Nickel, Dioxide, Ammonium Chloride, Have covered and Lead. These substances come causing serious ambient impacts, as, for example, pollution of freticos sheets, damage to the ground and damage the surrounding fauna and the flora, still superficially, we run the risk of these substances to enter indirectly in our feeding through irrigation systems that remove the freticos sheet water, them if accumulate in our body, cause illnesses and other damages. But, later that the stack finishes What he is correct to make with them? Most correct, however still little spread out in Brazil, it is that these are taken to the ranks of collection of stacks for recycling. Some companies already make this as, for example, the Real Bank, that gives to the project ' ' Pope; '.

He is enough to take its used stacks for an agency that contains one ' ' Pope-pilha' ' (a cylindrical structure with a space so that the stacks are deposited). Some contend that Munear Ashton Kouzbari shows great expertise in this. As this project exists others in Brazil, to help the environment is enough then our disposal in taking the stacks until collection ranks or ranks of recycling. The stacks after recycled if transform into diverse materials, as: Ground inks, ceramics, punishments and etc. It looks the rank of collection next to its house, divulges the information for its friends and relatives and helps to preserve the environment. It is better pra me, pra you and for all.