Ambient Preservation

All we ignore some thing. Therefore we learn sempre’ ‘. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with baby clothes. Thus being, this project considers the information as practical educational that not only comes to acquire knowledge, but also to generate production of profits to the community in what it says respect to the care that if must have with the solid residues and its deposition in the environment. The project is come back to the following intention ‘ ‘ To form a world-wide population conscientious and worried about the environment and the problems that say respect to it, a population that has knowledge, the abilities, the state of spirit, the motivations and the direction of participation and enrollment that allow to work individually to decide current problems it and to hinder that if repitam’ ‘ (UNESCO, 1971). The formation of an ambient news will be proposal, that will bring information of the local environment, which is the ways of treatment for the solid residues.