Repair of bathroom, along with repair of the other rooms in the house, is one of the most costly as physical, moral and material investments. Bathroom on the sizes and options are not great, but it concentrated a large number of sanitary items, furniture and household appliances. Even more questions and difficulties arise if the repair is done in the bathroom hruschevke in such apartments bathrooms are very small and combined with a toilet. Typically, a bathroom renovation is not done so often, and hence the choice of bathtubs, sinks, toilets, etc. should be treated carefully. How to make a bathroom renovation? As with any type of repair, repair bathroom should be divided into several stages. The first stage involves the dismantling of the old bath, toilet and sink. It should be noted that the replacement of bathtubs in most cases is simply necessary, as coating bath deteriorate over time and cover a new layer of enamel is impractical and quite expensive.

At the next stage of transition to weaning the old tiles, cleaning the walls and ceiling of the old coating. A very important step in the repair bathroom is a redevelopment and replacement of plumbing and sewer pipes, electrical components and wiring in compliance with safety regulations. Further, a renovation of the bathroom: Alignment floor, laying new tile, paint, repair the ceiling and walls of the bathroom, installing a new tub, toilet and sink. Choosing a new bath is very difficult, especially in our time. When manufacturers offer a wide selection of different of bathrooms: acrylic bathtub, acrylic bathtub liner, angled acrylic bathtub, hydromassage bathtub, small and large baths, etc. Source: Bill O’Grady.

Particular attention should be given a choice of ceramic tile. Most often, tiles in the bathroom spread on the floor and the walls, and ceilings made of plastic hanging from extruded foam, suspended ceilings or batten ceilings. Normally repairs in the bathroom involves the installation of plastic suspended ceilings. It's practical, comfortable and beautiful. The price for tile is considerable scatter, but for little money you can find high-quality ceramic tiles. The main condition for the choice of tile is that it suited for color and completely in harmony with other elements of the bathroom. When selecting ceramic tiles are very convenient to use the directory tile. Buy a tile can be in any store plumbing. An integrated approach to repair bathroom includes a choice of mixers to baths and sinks. In order to extend the availability of these elements, bathroom faucets to choose the best proven brands and manufacturers, and bathroom set cleaning filters. As a result, when completed all the technical work in the bathroom, you are ready to placement of furniture, install a new bathtub or shower, toilet, sink and mixers, as well as washing machines. Increasingly, the furniture in the bathroom made to order, it makes optimum use of limited space of the bathroom, make the interior comfortable, beautiful and comfortable. Do renovation of the bathroom, of course, anyone can, but at this point preference is given to repair technicians, as in this work enough of their subtleties and nuances. Resolve issues with the color scheme is the same together with a professional interior designer who offers a wide range of design ideas for every taste and wealth. Of course, each to decide the question of how to make repairs in the bathroom for its hands or to entrust it to professionals and get the bathroom under the key. But remember always – well-made works are the key to your good mood and excellent condition of the bathroom future.