Reason number one why companies are going bankrupt – insufficient sales, because without a sufficient number of customers your business will not survive. Attract clients can either Advertising & pr (passive sales), or Front active (direct) sales. And in fact, in both cases, success depends on personal competence and experience of staff working with customers – sales managers. If their work is weak, then you will hear similar comments: “Where are these idiots? That going on in this company? “. Therefore, all that need professional and sellers so they are sorely lacking.

Everyone knows the standard solution to this problem. Option one: pay more for those who know how to sell. But good professionals is very small, less than 10% of the required amount. And where are they now work, they feel very well. Is very rare that something happens with the company where he works, but hope for a luck is not necessary – the entire department so you do not build. The second option is to use the services of employment agencies. Someone once refused because of the price issue, someone had a bad experience. But if you still resort to such attraction Sellers in the company, note whether there is in the agency professional sales people, whether they were able to hire these people for yourself? And another tip: A person selected vendors must have experience of personal sales. Sooner or later you realize that people have nowhere to get ready. Need to find a more or less appropriate “material”, which is now giving the labor market, and to teach them yourself.