Advanced Projects

By | June 7, 2012

In chapter four it is shown to the architecture and the structure of a net GPRS/EDGE and its functionalities. The prominence is the interfaces, logical elements that they make the interconnection between elements of one same net or different nets between itself, and with the public net of data. Chapter five makes reference to the treatment of the threats and the measures of security used to protect given transmitted for the net of mobile telephony, pointing the vulnerabilities of each segment of net, including the risks of the use of others INTRODUCTION To the INTERNETA Internet was not created with the objective to become it world-wide net of computers. Its history starts in 1960, with the intention of the Agency of Research of Advanced Projects (Advanced Research Projects Agency it financed. In the project communication lines would be used dedicate with taxes of 56 nominal transferences of Kbps. To the time, the tax enters two computers hardwired between itself, saw line telephonic, arrived the 110 bps. They are low speeds, compared with the current values, however, it would represent a jump for the research and the then technology. According to Deitel (2002), …

the euphoria was as much that the researchers of the University of Harvard spoke in if connecting to supercomputer UNIVAC 1108 in the University of Utah to carry through calculations related with the research in computerized graphical images. The result was beyond waited a time that, sharing computers, the researchers had initiated the exchange of electronic communications, amongst others benefits. Definitively the Arpanet was implanted, considered the grandmother of the current main objective Internet.O of the ARPA was to allow to the exchange of information between some users at the same time and for the same way using a line of dedicated communication. to carry through businesses, by means of the electronic media. This discovery directly impactou in the market of telecommunications despertando interests incited between suppliers of software and the hardware destined the telephony and the new net.

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