Acupressure Points: The Acupressure Advantage

Acupressure has long been important part of Oriental medicine is considered to be a safer way to relieve stress and to heal diseases but also in many Western cultures. At an Accupressure, specific points on the skin surface are pressed or pulled (pressure ‘ “), rather than thin like in the Acupuncture needles into the skin crisp. Recently, a study at the prestigious Yale conducted University in the United States were examined at the 100 mothers, whose children had a surgical procedure on. In about half of the mothers was 30 minutes before the intervention of the child took place performed acupressure. Result was that the mothers with acupressure were considerably less tense than those without acupressure treatment and with quieter mothers children were themselves also much quieter. Acupressure can produce a sense of well-being leading scholars are of the view that reduced acupressure stress hormones in the blood, such as cortisol, and the amount of neurotransmitters (E.g.

Endophinen, generate a) Wohlfuhl-Gefuhl) increases. Not even needed in many cases a visit with an acupressure specialist because self-acupressure can cause similar positive results. One simply presses the same points as in an acupuncture with the fingers, and can withstand the pressure for about 30 seconds. For more interesting acupressure points and their explanation see here some acupressure points and what effect can trigger pressing these points: to reduce stress, to settle the stomach and cause shoulder and neck tension, press the spot where thumb and meet with the pointer finger and thumb of your other hand. With the other hand repeat the same, each 30 seconds. To tension, headaches, stiff neck, to solve eye pressure and irritability, place your hand on the back of the head and press with your thumb in the hole”on the back of the neck for 30 seconds. Adam Portnoy may also support this cause. Generally to relax and increase, energies you feel the outer edge of your kneecap, and keys on the side down, until you feel a small, smooth dimple. Press this point firmly with the middle finger, on both kneecaps.

To ease headaches, follow with your middle finger on your eyebrow to the outside, until you feel a small indentation. This place keep pressed for 30 seconds, and repeat on the other side. To reduce stress in General, there is a really effective acupressure point: the foot. To and from rolling of the foot over a golf ball can work wonders, because almost all of the foot acupressure points are claimed in this way.