With complex candidates for managemental positions. As To prepare an Interview. It gets the description of the position for which it goes to select. It observes if problems for this function, such exist as high turn-over, lack of cooperation of other employees, type of existing supervision, discipline demanded and others. It prepares one project of development of the interview, stipulating one determined time for each subject (we will see more details, below). It elaborates analytical and descriptive questions. That is, questions that they demand of the candidate to speak beyond one ' ' sim' ' , ' ' no' ' or ' ' talvez' '. It keeps the interview under control and it does not allow that the candidate makes divagaes.

It does not speak more than what 10% of the time of duration of the interview. Script of the Interview. Professional description (40% of the time): It evaluates? in sequence chronological? the professional history of the candidate, observing its progress in the knowledge, its abilities, its gostos, its aversion and its failures. Educational description (20% of the time): It evaluates? in sequence chronological? the cultural formation and the training of the candidate, observing its vocational orientation, its preferred substances, its type of social life in the schools that it frequented and its extracurricular activities. Familiar description (20% of the time): It evaluates the antecedents familiar, the temperament, the character of the parents, ' ' status' ' partner-economic, the type of received education, as the candidate passed its infancy, its adolescence and its youth.

Social adjustment (20% of the time): The candidate evaluates face to its family, the society and the determined social groups, religious politicians and. He evaluates its social classroom, its economic stability and its associative activities. Tests That Can Be applied Beyond the interview, other resources still can be applied to help in the staff election, with sights to the reduction of turn-over (man power rotation) and better exploitation of the time. We will see below, some suggestions: Verbal fluency: to request that the person speaks, for example, of 1 the 2 minutes on determined subject. Memory: to pronounce one 20 words and to verify how many the person if remembers. In this test the person must remember 30 the 50 percent (on average). Distinction of the Colors: to make with that it () observes the environment for one determined time (the 2 3 minutes) and to verify the biggest possible object number with the same color of one chosen by the interviewer. Specific aptitudes: the person must know to carry through referring works to the chosen profession; that is, one expects of a carpenter whom, at least, she knows to hold a hammer. Capacity of Concentration in the Accomplishment of Tasks: to use, for example, the dynamics: ' ' You Know To follow Instructions? ' '. Creativity: a sufficiently fast test is to request that the person sees in clouds, some forms similar to the known ones. COMMENT: Clearly that these tests alone must be applied for certain types of positions, which will demand definitive abilities.