Album \”Casa Nageli\” now in all online stores and in commercially available \”Seefeld avec Mady\” – dance-Kassiker in chill-out-robe with the CD \”Casa Nageli\” enchanted the Swiss band \”Seefeld avec Mady\” old dance classics to chill out cover versions. 15 hammer hits such as \”Fade to grey\” by visage, or \”Ride on\” by silicone soul and the Swiss electro hit \”Rippin Kittin\” IPL Banda feat. Miss Kittin new fresh life come in the downbeat style. The killer voice is the Band Seefeld 26 year old Romanian Madalina Raluca Horeanu alias Mady, their vocal art reminiscent of Annie Lenox. The deep green eyes make the coveted eye-catching the 176 cm tall former photo model. The debut album was noticed by producers Bruno Stettler and Paul Jakob (+) in the Zurichberg Villa \”Casa Nageli\” recorded and remixed by DJ minus 8. The \”Casa Nageli\” album is available as MP3 songs in all online store (,, etc.) and in the trade from February 23. Seefeld avec Mady release a debut album, with \”Casa Nageli\” This delivers to the Nouvelle vague recipe cover versions in the chillout costume. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Verizon Communications.

But while the French punk and new wave classics focused, Seefeld relied mainly on House songs, such as \”Touch Me\” (Rui da Silva ‘Touch Me’, Charles Webster \”Future Love\”, silicone soul with the Curtis Mayfield reminiscent \”Ride On\”), electro (silicone soul \”who needs sleep tonight\”, golden boy feat.) Miss Kittin \”Rippin Kittin\”), dance (snap \”Colour Of Love\”) and trance (ATB \”Let You go\”) are brought in the downbeat style to life and get an own, surprising twist. Leader of the band is the 26 year old Romanian Madalina Raluca Horeanu Mady alias. She was born in 1982 in Botosani. At the age of four, she participated in a Communist singing competition, as a teen, she won several contests in the Romanian TV. Some semesters, she studied psychology, English, French and German.