Stephan Eisel, MdB for Bonn in the Bundestag Bonn Bundestag delegate Stephan Eisel (CDU) criticized his SPD colleagues Ulrich Kelber’s refusal to disclose his campaign finance today with clear words: “when it comes to the financing of his election campaign, Mr Kelber down all Scots and denied the information. Me everyone on my homepage to see, where does the money come from and for which it is issued. Why did Mr Kelber refuses to do the same? He has fear talked about his campaign budget?” Eisel criticized celebrate as “transparent seconded” letting Kelber, but only published what must be published anyway under the party law: includes personal large donations amounting to 90,000 euros from the solar industry on the SPD members of Parliament. Eisel said: “I accept no personal donations from companies or individuals, added their economic interests could directly related to my work as a Deputy in connection. That would be Although legal, the independence of the members of Parliament cannot be reconciled but with my understanding.” Eisel said, 2,000 euros of the highest donation to his election campaign: “I get many small donations and my entire campaign budget is so far 71,000 euros under the amount that my colleague has received from an individual major donors. “I again urge Mr Kelber, his election campaign finances also disclose to, so that the citizens can compare.”.