Fund management rejects report / editorial gave no chance to an opinion of Landshut, 22.08.2011. Handelsblatt reported in its current issue”under the heading trade exposed investors by Debi select stuck” Debi select Fund provider. The article of author Sonke Iwersen has regrettably numerous errors and inaccuracies, so that Debi select held looks to correct this incorrect information or the impression that this reporting awakened due to their inaccuracy,: so Debi select has converted not about bonds of the Teldafax Holding AG shares and sold them to Russian investors. Because Debi select was never in possession of notes by the TelDFax group companies. Also Debi select Teldafax Holding AG shares has never owned… The seller was rather the CPA invest AG. Buyers of these shares was explicitly not a Russian investor, so that the sale also could not be confirmed by a Russian representative can.

Buyers of the shares were rather the investor Prime mark based on Cyprus and a further investment funds (from Asia), the confidentiality has can ensure in respect of this transaction but. As far as factoring companies where Debi select funds are involved, such bonds as additional security for factoring transactions were accepted, no failure occurred from these transactions the factoring company. These transactions are now ended by the factoring customers even without failure. The largest part of the factoring business of it ended already in 2009, repayment of bonds through the TelDFax group-related companies. “Remains of Intevo Fund no new funds from the House Debi select, but, as Handelsblatt” properly formulated in the remainder of the text, one of Minerva investments AG in Liechtenstein of registered funds. “In this respect, it is wrong, if the trade journal” writes, that the financial market authority (FMA) in Liechtenstein against Debi select list. Debi select funds are closed-end funds in Germany. The Liechtenstein FMA may simply be not authority.