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Organizational Experts

By | June 30, 2011

Plug and wash Regardless of where the use of all the techniques employed in the wash, you need more, and to properly connect and perform some other important terms. For example, overseas in private houses under the laundry room for many years allocates special places. They represent a cupboard with painted electricity, pipes and a […]

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International Meeting

By | June 20, 2011

The Sahara Desert this winter will host workshops on creativity, artistic and archaeological techniques encompassed within ARTifariti the second edition of the International Meeting of Art in liberated territories of Western Sahara will be held from November 22 to December 6, 2008. A unique proposal to move its participants to a fertile environment, in the […]

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By | June 4, 2011

The results of our joint efforts, we present for your court. The variety of characteristics of the adhesives, the Contractor may choose exactly the brand of products that will best meet its needs. Today, our company can offer you the following brands adhesives: 'Absolute', 'Dolphin', 'Installation', 'Builder'. Our product range is designed for construction work […]

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